Sampe L. Purba
Vice President of Gas Commercialization
SKK Migas

Sampe L. Purba, currently holds position  as Vice President of Gas Commercialization  in SKKMIGAS used to be known as BPMIGAS. His job is mainly to manage commercialization and monetization of pipeline gas, LPG and LNG by taking into account among other things domestic needs, field economics, infrastructures, and global supply-demand patterns. He joined BPMIGAS in 2002., and has been positioned in various function such as Finance, Planning, Business Support,  Risk Management, and Legal.  Prior to it, Mr. Purba was a Government Auditor dealing with many aspects of governance in Public institution, industry and service corporations.

Mr. Purba has a under graduate and post graduate degree in Economics, Commerce and Law

Mr. Purba is an active member of Professional Association, such as :

  • Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia – Kompartemen Akuntan Pajak
  • Associate member of Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia
  • Associate member of Certified Professional Examiners
  • Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
  • Ikatan Keluarga Alumni Lemhannas