Derek Thomas
Head - Advanced Research & Development Unit

Derek Thomas heads AG&P’s Advanced Research & Development Unit, creating
innovative solutions in the fields of Energy, Environment and Oceans, bringing
together best in class from differing disciplines.
His career has involved the integration of information systems and machinery to
achieve enhanced levels of "situational awareness", whether in the battlefield or the oil
field. To do this, he has created the companies and technologies required to
manufacture and deploy systems that remotely monitor and manage everything from
water quality, oil and gas production, machinery health, submarine life support, to
battle-space awareness. Having built systems for the most rugged and demanding
environments, including deep-ocean and military Special Operations, he is focused on
bringing that experience to the modular design and fabrication of industrial plants.
With a focus on “Advanced Modular Infrastructure”, his aim is to integrate
technologies that allow for rapid and cost-effective global deployment of energy and
resource projects, with reduced execution risk and enhanced long term operational
reliability and safety.
Based in the US, but travelling extensively for his AG&P work, Derek Thomas is a
computer systems engineer by background and has extensive marine, submarine and
naval systems experience as a long-term technical contractor with the US Navy
SEALs, Australian Navy and Swedish Navy. Prior to this, Derek worked with
PetroTiger in Australia where he was also based.