Post Conference Commercial Workshop

Friday, 27 October 2017

0900 hr - 1200 hr | Ashurst's Office, Singapore

LNG to Power Projects:  Development and Financing in New Markets

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Establishing regasified LNG value chains brings both unique opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders.  This half-day workshop will cover key issues affecting the development and financing of LNG to power projects, focusing on the challenges of 'first of a kind' projects in new markets, where power developers and governments have traditionally relied on coal, piped natural gas or other fuel sources.

1. Project Structuring and Financing Considerations

  • Overview of various gas to power structures which have been proposed and implemented, regionally and globally, identifying the main commercial and legal risks for key stakeholders which are associated with each structure.
  • Addressing bankability concerns in new/challenging markets.
  • Regulatory considerations and the importance of government engagement.
  • Additional structuring implications for FSRU and small-scale LNG regasification projects.

2. The Value Chain:  LNG Procurement, Regasified LNG Sales and Power Purchase Agreement issues for IPP projects

  • Key pressure points for first-time LNG buyers involved in a LNG to power value chain, and current LNG contracting trends. 
  • How (and why) regasified LNG sales contracts are different from piped natural gas sales contracts.
  • Implications for power purchase agreements, including how traditional PPA structures need to be adapted to accommodate risk factors under the regasified LNG value chain (such as infrastructure and fuel supply risks).

Target Audience

The workshop is designed for professionals from commercial or legal backgrounds who are looking to gain insights on the dynamics of LNG to power projects in new markets.

Email us today to register your interest for the workshop or call +65 6422 1155.