New emissions regulations indicate rise of LNG as marine fuel in Asia

Article by Lian Yok Tan, Partner, K&L Gates LLP“The Role for Gas & LNG in Marine Transportation” will discuss bunkering forecasts, the use of LNG as a fuel to cut carbon emissions, new markets and applications and more.  

Given the restrictions implemented by International Marine Organization (IMO) requiring lower exhaust emission of sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrous oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and carbon dioxide (CO2), there will necessarily be a movement towards lower-emission fuels, especially in Emissions Control Areas (ECAs). The coasts of the US, Canada and Northern Europe are all highly regulated ECAs, and it is speculated that ports in the Mediterranean will follow suit in the coming years.  With emissions regulations becoming more prevalent, LNG offers a viable alternative to higher-emission fossil fuels given its zero sulphur content and low NOx output.  While there are no emission restrictions currently in place in Asia, signs indicate that such regulations could be affected in the future as ...

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