Technical Themes at the Conference

The following 4 core technical themes will be covered during the Conference on Thursday 26 October 2017. 

Please see below for the type of presentations you can submit under these 4 core themes. 

Technical Themes
TECHNICAL 1: Digital and Data Management
  • Transforming oil and gas strategies with the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve productivity

  • Leveraging and enhancing gas operations through big data and IoT

  • Optimising upstream oil and gas assets, midstream transportation and storage as well as downstream retailers with cloud and model based analytics

  • The impact and future of IoT in the gas & LNG industry

  • Applications of big data in the oil & gas industry – success story

TECHNICAL 2: Technical and Operations of Small-Scale LNG and LNG Bunkering
  • Risk analysis on FLNG bunkering offshore terminal

  • Overcoming vessel design and operational issues affecting bunkering process 

  • How to turn LNG to an energy distribution network like what we see for gasoline?

  • Improving the safety and operational standards of LNG bunkering

  • Breaking down the barriers of large and small-mid scale LNG markets – how to ensure smaller markets are attractive to large scale producers

  • Ways to develop and lower the cost of small-scale LNG – opportunities and solutions

TECHNICAL 3: New FLNG and FSRU Technology
  • Mitigating risk of developing offshore LNG developments

  • Experience of large and mature FSRU and FLNG operations on small to mid-size LNG solutions

  • Cost comparison and solutions of various small and mid-scale FLNG constructions – a case study (PFLNG1 and 2/Prelude FLNG)

  • Applications and engineering solutions for small to large scale offshore LNG facilities

  • Key drivers for cost reduction of small-size FLNG

  • Innovative solutions to access new LNG supply market

TECHNICAL 4:Process and Plant Optimisation as well as Maintenance and Asset Management
  • Accelerating manufacturing learning to resurge Shale Gas = Shale Gas 2.0

  • Optimising a gas supply chain through performance forecasting studies

  • Drivers and trends in the LNG industry for life extension and development of effective methods for asset management

  • How to leverage on cost optimisation?

  • Improving energy consumption and overall efficiency of LNG plants

  • Areas to consider to revitalise existing assets – risk assessment model

Submission process
15 February - 12 May 2017 (Extended deadline)
Executive Committee begins voting process
13 May 2017
Executive Committee meets to confirm final programme
29 May 2017
Applicants informed, final conference programme goes live
31 May 2017