Commercial Themes at the Conference

The following 4 core commercial themes will be covered during the Conference on Thursday 26 October 2017. 

Please see below for the type of presentations you can submit under these 4 core themes. 

Commercial Themes
COMMERCIAL 1: Gas and LNG Infrastructure and Investments
  • What are the challenges in emerging LNG markets and where is the money going to come to develop new infrastructure?

  • Who is risking investment and what obstacles prevents banks/investments firms from lending?

  • Government’s role in establishing a solid gas pipeline network and promoting the utilisation of natural gas Post COP 21 World

  • Upstream investments map of opportunities and why it is important towards 2030

  • Reaching a common ground between buyer and seller to secure long-term contract for project financing

  • Market evolution and new finance concept for expanding and developing new infrastructure projects

COMMERCIAL 2: Liberalisation of Gas Markets and Pricing
  • How will Asia transition from oil/Henry Hub to gas indexed pricing

  • Effects of gas and electricity liberalisation on pricing and trade – a case study from Japan

  • Ways to improve tradability, benchmark prices reflecting supply & demand

  • New formula for LNG pricing in Asia and strategy to diversify pricing to appeal to buyers

  • Buyers diversifications into international expansion in terms of trading and business development to offset declining home market

  • Role of North America in comparison with other emerging suppliers on price

COMMERCIAL 3: Gas and LNG for Power and Marine Fuel
  • Importance of a uniform global standard for natural gas to become a global fuel choice and international agreement on carbon reduction targets across all industries

  • Overcoming port development and ship builders problem on commodity trade demand, LNG supply uncertainty and bunker fuel economics

  • Case study on Europe and North America on marine emission regulation norms and how Asia can follow suit

  • Moving forward with LNG bunkering and LNG bunkering standards in Asia

  • Impact of unconventional gas on power market

  • Capitalising on small-mid scale LNG ventures to generate power to remote communities

COMMERCIAL 4: Current and Upcoming Gas and LNG projects – Country Focused Topics
  • How countries like China (or India) are opening up their infrastructure developments to move gas and LNG business to be more effective in transmissions

  • Singapore’s policies on infrastructure and how the country is driving demand

  • Lessons learned from major LNG expansions – an Australian Case Study

  • US LNG success stories in reaching the Golden Age of Gas - what needs to be done by gas producing and consuming countries to increase demand for LNG to reach the Golden Gas age

Submission process
15 February - 12 May 2017 (Extended deadline)
Executive Committee begins voting process
13 May 2017
Executive Committee meets to confirm final programme
29 May 2017
Applicants informed, final conference programme goes live
31 May 2017